Saturday, April 12, 2014

Amazing similarities between the Tampa Bay Bucs and the movie Draft Day

I caught the new Kevin Costner movie Draft Day last night.  While watching, I noticed several similarities between the movie and the Tampa Bay Bucs.  For example -

- The movie centers on the Cleveland Browns, who own the 7th pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Guess where the Bucs pick.

- In the movie, the Browns have a new coach, who led his last team to the Super Bowl then had a down couple of years and was fired before coming to Cleveland.  TB has a new coach, Lovie Smith, who led the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl before being fired two years later.

- One of the players the Browns want in the movie is a linebacker named Vontae Mack, who plays passionately, gets a lot of sacks and is described by some as potentially the best defensive player in the draft.  One of the players the Bucs have been linked to is Khalil Mack, a passionate linebacker who gets lots of sacks and has been described by some as potentially the best defensive player in the draft.

- Another player the Browns like in the movie is a running back from Florida State, named for his dad, who played for Cleveland.  Tampa has been keeping their eyes on James Wilder Jr, running back from FSU. Extra points if you knew his dad played for the Bucs.

- Costner plays a general manager whose dad once coached the team.  Tampa had John McKay as their first coach and his son, Rich, was later GM.

- Costner's mother (who actually looks a little like John McKay's wife) spread her husband's ashes on the practice field. John McKay's ashes were spread at the LA Coliseum field.

- One of the top players expected to be drafted in the movie is a flamboyant QB who won the Heisman and has a reputation for partying and enjoying the company of many ladies. While he is seemingly a can't-miss prospect, there are whispers about him that cause concern.  Is anyone else reminded of Johnny Football?

If the Bucs wind up like Costner's Browns did in the movie, I think there would be a lot of happy fans in Tampa. 

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If I wear a meat outfit, will I get some media attention in order to speak on politics?

So, who are lefties listening to now for their political advice?

None other than lady gag-gag, or whatever she decides to call her goofy self lately.

Keep on listening to pundits like that, lefties. Entertainers are such knowledgable creatures when it comes to actual life, and they never let their emotions get in the way of logic.

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Three ex Presidents walk into a bar

Jimmy Carter has found yet another calling. Now he has decided to become a comedian.

At least that is the only explanation I can come up with for his latest statements, wherein he declared his post-presidency to be "superior to that of other presidents."

Hope he doesn't hurt his arm while patting himself on the back. Of course, that's the only pat on the back he'll get, as he is almost universally recognized as having been one of the worst presidents in history, and his time since has been one wacko-filled statement after another.

More humor from the stand up guy from Plains - ""The Carter Center has decided, under my leadership, to fill the vacuums in the world. When the United States won't deal with troubled areas, we go there and we meet their leaders who can bring an end to a conflict, or an end to human rights abuse, and so forth. So I feel that [I] have an advantage over many other former presidents in being involved in daily affairs that have shaped the policies of our nation and the world."

Got that? The Carter Center, under his leadership, decides when the entire rest of the country is wrong in foreign affairs, and they swoop in like Superman (or maybe Underdog...or Super Chicken) to end human rights abuses and make the world a safer place.

Gosh, that's almost as good as Obama claiming that his ascendency to the throne...errr, presidency...would cause flooding waters to subside and the world to begin healing itself.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

I'd like to see that yardstick used on some politicians

Good article by Peggy Noonan on the Tea Party.

Noonan uses a device commonly employed by Glenn Beck. Where Beck uses a number line, Noonan refers to it as a yardstick. It works just as well either way.

Start with a 36 inch yardstick. 0 is the liberal end and 36 is the conservative end. That keeps liberal on the left and conservative on the right. What gets the Tea Partiers going is that while Republicans might be to the right of liberals, but they have both been on the left side of the ruler for some time. When liberals start at 0, Republicans start at 12, and the compromising always ends up between the two, still well on the liberal side of the equation. This analogy explains spending went up even with Bush in office.

People have seen the light. It’s time for spending cuts, not debating on the size of the spending increase. After all, arguing over too much of a bad thing and just a little of a bad thing still means you wind up with a bad thing no matter what.

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He's the guy the "mainstream" media won't tell you about

Who is the Science and Technology czar John Holdren?

He’s the guy who wrote in a book over 30 years ago that the US should be “de-developed” by diverting “frivolous and wasteful” resources to “fill the genuine needs of underdeveloped countries.”

He’s the guy who repeated these ideas recently on talk shows and said he would use any means to get there, including the “free market economy.”

He’s the guy who wrote, “Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential, if a decent life is to be provided for every human being.”

He’s the guy who hates the idea of what America is, and wants to drag us down to make us even with third world countries.

Just thought you ought to know.

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Maybe it looks like Algore or Hillary

Wonderful article. If Obama’s 19 months has been a success, what does failure look like?

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And the liberal elites think we are the stupid ones

Health care insurers are raising rates due to Obamacare and the White House is confuzzled.


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We're also too stupid to understand tax raises are good for us

Victor Davis Hanson has it down perfectly. The elites from the progressive movement know that the only reason that we don’t worship at the altar of Obama is that we are ignorant boobs incapable of understanding his mightiness.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Leftie hypocrisy is a redundant phrase

Harry Reid arrives at a global warming conference disguised as a clean energy a fleet of good old gas-guzzling SUV's.

Could have been worse. He could have parked all the SUV's at Algore's gargantuan energy-sucking mansion and flew in by borrowing the plane that Obama uses for his dog.

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At least he's investigating something

Eric Holder’s DOJ is investigating “hate crimes” against Muslims.

Yeah, better that than looking into crazy accusations of voter intimidation by Black Panthers.

Or hate crimes against Christians.

Or “beat whitey” night.

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We have met the enemy and it is us

Do you still doubt that the American system of free enterprise is under attack by the government?

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11. We didn't have to listen to "hope and change" every five minutes

Victor Davis Hanson gives us this hilarious item in the NY Post on why we miss Bush (the President, not the cheating running back).

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So why doesn't every winner turn in their Heisman?

Reggie Bush has come up with a unique way to answer questions about his giving up his Heisman trophy before the committee could vote on taking it away from him.

He says it's out of respect, and it does not represent an admission of guilt.

Southern Cal has already been put on probation because of Bush's guilt. They may yet be forced to give up a national title (as should be). It was almost a foregone conclusion that the committee was going to strike Bush from the list of winners and demand their trophy be returned. Reggie just beat them to the punch, and now he gets to claim it was out of "respect."


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

If I were smarter, I would call that a conundrum.

George Packer writes a long boring article that can be summed up thusly: If you are not a leftie, you’re too stupid to know better. This train of thought, if it can be described as such, is becoming the mantra of the progressives in an ever-increasing cycle of narcissism. The more they lose, the stronger their insistence that their opponents are just idiots.

I won’t bore you with the entire article, and I would not recommend it if you are driving or doing any activity where you should not be sleeping. However, I want to point out one particular section.

“This is why Obama seems less and less able to speak to and for our times. He’s the voice of reason incarnate, and maybe he’s too sane to be heard in either Jalalabad or Georgia.”

Ahhhh…that’s why Obama no longer instills awe with the dumb masses. He’s too sane (read: we are too insane). He’s just too smart for us hillbilly types who can’t grasp complete governmental control of our lives and our money.

The question does occur to me, however, that if those who oppose Obama are simply too stupid to understand things, who exactly is Packer addressing in this article? He can’t be trying to convince lefties – that would consist of preaching to the choir, to coin a phrase preferred by us hillbilly nonsensical stupid types. He surely can’t be trying to convince us that we are stupid, because his described depth of our stupidity would prevent us from comprehending what he is saying.

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I would guess it's okay as long as the tenants are filthy non believers

Wonder what the Koran says about being a slumlord?

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And trashing on the feelings of those affected by 9/11 is being sensitive

A Democrat congressman from MN claims that if you are opposed to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, you are a religious bigot, “nothing more, nothing less.”

He also denies that the families of those who died on 9/11 are involved. Nope, just bigots.

Classic Newspeak. Up is down, right is wrong, logic is bigotry.

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Maybe TOTUS watched the rally

Hmm, for claiming to not get Glenn Beck as well as claiming to have not even watched the Restoring Honor Rally, BHO sure had a lot of comments about Beck and the rally.

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The administration about nothing

Hilarious comparison of Obama and George Costanza from the Seinfeld show by James Taranto.

Here are the first two paragraphs.

“Reader Daniel Loomis sends along his capsule summary of "The Summer of George," the eighth-season finale of "Seinfeld," which aired May 15, 1997: "George uses his severance from the Yankees to stimulate the perfect summer--the 'Summer of George'--but spends it playing frolf (frisbee golf), watching 'The White Shadow,' 'investing' in a recliner with a built-in refrigerator, taking midmorning naps, banging his head on tables, and having insignificant telephone conversations. Eventually, he ends up in the hospital having to relearn to walk."

“And here is Loomis's capsule summary of "The Summer of Recovery," the finale of the first full season of "Obama," a midseason replacement that premiered to hype and high ratings but is now struggling and may face cancellation: "Barack uses his trillion dollar stimulus to create the best summer ever--the 'Recovery Summer'--but wastes hundreds of billions on things like studies on how cocaine affects monkeys, investigating the link between yoga and hot flashes, bus-stop art, international ant research, and an upgrade to the statehouse and political offices in Topeka, Kan. Eventually, the economy ends up barely ambulatory."”

Spot on.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Proof that Arianna would not know logic if it slapped her in the face

George Will is not only extremely smart, but is also adept at putting things in a way that is completely understandable by all but the densest of people.

Makes you wonder, then, why Arianna Huffington could not see the total logic of Will's words when she foolishly went against him on the air.

"WILL: We started arguing about the tax cut. The president says we can't afford the tax cuts for the wealthy because that would add $700 billion to the deficit over ten years. Which is to say over ten years it would add less to the deficit than Obama added with the stimulus in one year. "


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Boortz nails it

Neal Boortz writes this on his website today.

"The Community Organizer is demanding these tax increase on these evil wealthy people for one reason .. and one reason only. Barack Obama has a deep-seated hatred of wealth inequality. He feels it is wrong for one person to have significantly more than another. That's why he preached the idea of income redistribution to Joe the Plumber. That's why he said that capital gains taxes had to be increased, even though it would mean less revenue, because of "fairness." That's why he said that at some point we have to recognize that some people have "just made enough money." To Obama it doesn't matter what effect tax cuts would have on the economy or on the jobs picture. Those people just shouldn't have that much money, period. The government will simply take the money and then the government can spend it for job creation and everything will be OK."

That is all exactly correct. However, I would add one small caveat to his statements.

"Barack Obama has a deep-seated hatred of wealth inequality"...unless that inequality belongs to either himself or one of his crony friends.

"He feels it is wrong for one person to have significantly more than another"...unless that person is himself or one of his crony friends.

"That's why he said that at some point we have to recognize that some people have "just made enough money"...unless that person is himself or one of his crony friends.

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Not to mention she got their intelligence when it comes to making private things public

John McCain’s daughter (who has achieved her fame in the same manner as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian) has written a book about politics and sex where she reveals she is a common criminal.

She admits to stealing Romney signs during the primary campaign. She goes further to declare that the people who caught her and took her to task for breaking the law are “lame.”

What a buffoon. She’s evidently got the hubris of Hilton and Kardashian as well.

PS – speaking of Hilton, don’t you love that her claims that she borrowed the purse with gum, I mean cocaine, was completely shot down by the pictures she tweeted of her new bag of which she was so proud?

Who says being a celebrity junkie is a bad thing? (I would have said celebrity slut, but too many people would take that the wrong way with regards to Paris...and Kim as well)

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How would that fit in their agenda?

CNN continues the myth of Islamophobia.

Yet, if they could only read, they’d know that there are more hate crimes against Christians than Muslims.

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Media bias example # ....I lost count

Chris Matthews has abandoned any semblance of being even remotely anything other than completely prejudiced.

On his show, he tells a Progressive Liberal Democrat that he hopes “your party gets organized up there” and “win this thing!”

Yep, no media bias here. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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Let's not forget all the civic improvements in France, Poland, etc

A history teacher in France has been suspended for not being neutral enough when teaching her students about the Holocaust.

I guess the teacher, who is Jewish, should allot more time for showing Hitler’s nice side. Maybe some pictures of the SS taking dips in a pool and sunbathing, or a slideshow of the Luftwaffe air-dropping ice cream and party favors on London.

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The beat is no good and you can't dance to it

This is a great story about how Obama does not understand the role of the President and thinks he should be in constant campaign mode. It stands to reason that a community organizer who has never held a real job and has never worked in the private sector would think he’s still campaigning…it’s all he’s done for the last 7 or 8 years.

The best line in the Weekly Standard article is the explanation on why the administration continues to blame Bush for everything. “Blame is like classic rock for this administration – they like it so much they never stop playing it.”

I would say it's closer to muzak. It's mindless and it will lull you to sleep.

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You'd understand this if you weren't too stupid

For a long time, I (along with many many others) have pointed out the fact that lefties think that only they have the superior intellect to "rule" over the masses, and that the masses are so stupid as to need saving from themselves. This is a huge reason why it's almost impossible to debate a leftie - disagree with them and they will snidely dismiss you as not being able to comprehend the big picture.

This is a fascinating read by James Taranto on oikophobia. In it, he goes to great lengths to illustrate that liberals believe that majority of Americans are too stupid to understand higher ideals, and thus must be ruled over by the cultural elite.

This train of thought explains the seething hatred of anything Palin, the disdain for Tea Partiers, the complete dismissal of any objections to Obamacare, the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, class warfare, or any of a number of leftie ideals.

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Oops my bad, NYC racism edition

Rudy Giuliani asked people to vote for a white man running for a NY state senate seat by proclaiming that he looks "more like us." Mainstream media outlets made this the top news story of the day, with spokespeople from the White House, major administration departments, and congressional leaders from both houses expressing outrage and disbelief that a major political figure could utter such a racist remark. Outraged calls for immediate retraction and apologies flooded the offices of Giuliani. Pundits from all major news outlets were unanimous in condemning the comments.

Oops, my bad.

It was actually former mayor David Dinkins who uttered the words, in support of a white man's opponent for the state senate seat. And we are STILL waiting for the condemnations to begin...from anywhere...(insert cricket sounds here).

There's obviously no racist intent in Dinkins' words. There's nothing to see here. Move along.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't tell us, tell them

Obama held an actual press conference today, instead of just addressing us from his pulpit (or throne), wherein he said that the enemy is Al Qaeda, not Islam.

Great. But we are not the ones you need to be saying that to. Tell the Muslims that. Especially the ones who burn US flags and shout about how evil we are.

Tell Islamic Rage Boy.

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I want to be nap czar

Okay, this is not a joke. Nor is it satire.

America now has an Asian Carp Czar.

Let the celebration begin.

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I wonder if they had to pay any of them?

How do you get a full house at a community college auditorium for a speech by the leader of the free world, the President of the United States?

Well, if it’s Obama, you need to go around begging students to stop doing homework in order to fill empty seats.

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This is one reason I love baseball

This is the tale of two catchers who have spent 14 years in the minor leagues trying to make it to the big show.

Neither speaks English as their main language. One is from Venezuela and the other is French Canadian. One played 976 games before the call up and the other played 978. Both are catchers. They were both called up to the major leagues on the same day, September 1st.

What a great feel-good story for both of these young men.

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Is it just me, or is Crist beginning to look more and more like John Kerry?

Charlie Crist is doing everything in his power to look just like a Democrat, including waffling on topics such as obamacare. According to Crist, he would have voted for obamacare, except that later he explains he would have voted against it.

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Hypocrisy alive and well in congress

Charlie "you can't call me a crook because that would be racist" Rangel attacks the president in 2005, then says it’s wrong to attack president in 2010 because the “enemies of democracy are listening”.

Tip of the hat to Best of Web Today.

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Next they'll have Abe Vigoda and Betty White discussing problems faced by today's teenagers

So, NBC decides to have a panel to discuss the Restoring Honor Rally coordinated by Glenn Beck.
Who did they invite to be on the panel to "objectively" discuss the Rally?

Al Sharpton and the NAACP President, Ben Jealous.

Sounds like a completely objective review took place, doesn’t it? Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), most of America will not know, because the vast majority of America no longer watches the Anti-Conservative, America-Bashing, Leftist-Leaning, Progressive-Supporting, Liberal-Biased Mainstream Media, otherwise known as, “Hey, Who Are Those Guys?”

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The good guys lose again

Muslims announce a plan to build a mosque/community center/hummus bar very close to the site where radical Islamic terrorists attacked and killed thousands of Americans. So close, in fact, that part of the plane they used in the attack hit the building they are replacing.

Millions of Americans are outraged, as it is a Muslim tradition to build a "victory mosque" on the site of your greatest conquests. Obama and other progressives come to the defense of Muslims, saying it's their "right" to build wherever they want while completely ignoring the fact it's a slap in the face of Americans everywhere.

A small church in central Florida announces they will burn korans on the anniversary of the worst attack on American soil (you know, the one by Islamic terrorists).

Obama and his buddy progressives attack the church and pastor, calling them all sorts of names and demanding they stop their plans. Additional opposition comes from the Vatican, several other countries and leaders, and lots of other sources.

Muslims call for attacks on Americans, shouting death threats while burning US flags...all before the church strikes their first match. The same media who have said they will not show the church burning korans gleefully report on flag burning by Muslims.

Now for the calls from the Vatican, other countries, and even the Democrats for Muslims to stop burning flags...(insert crickets chirping here). I read an interesting comment on a forum yesterday that stated how strange it is that a small church in Florida can be more important to the world than all of the Muslims combined.

The pastor backs down, saying they have shown the Muslims in their true form.

Meanwhile, the rhetoric from Islamic radicals does not subside. I fully expect it to increase over the next few days, as they will be emboldened by yet another apparent victory.

Once again, the good guys lose out while the evil villains win.

Don't take "the good guys" to mean the church. I've already gone on record as stating it was wrong of them to plan on the koran burning. By good guys, I mean freedom loving Americans. By villains I mean radical Islamic terrorists and those who, for whatever reasons, wish ill for this country.

Now other churches are announcing plans to burn korans (here and here).

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